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Real Time Fleet Tracking and Management System www.instafleet.com
• Front and Back End Development using PHP, MySQL Database, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript
• Implemented GPS hardware setup and GPS remote management
• Hardware, Software and Networking Networking setup from the ground-up

Online Conflicts Resolution System www.bffguru.com
• Front and Back End Development using PHP, MySQL Database, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript
• Threaded comments forum
• email notifications

eCommerce and Automatic Products Sync www.vgastore.com
• Implemented complete solution based on the nopcommerce framework
• Windows Server Hardware Setup
• WIndows Server Software Setup

Internet web scrapers and data-miners
• Developed application that scans google for prices based on specific queries and logs all relevant information to the database
• Developed applications that scan various websites and mine pricing, description, images and other relevant information
• eBay completed auctions scanner and logger. Application scanned ebay and logged all relevant information
• Amazon item miner and scrapper- application mined all relevant information and logged it to the database

Integrating internal ERP running PostGre SQL database with eCommerce running on Microsoft SQL
Project Description:
• Install new Windows Server 2008 R2 IIS7 Web Server
• Register new eCommerce domain name, intergrate internal web-server
• Deploy eCommerce solution to Web server
• Develop ERP and eCommerce syncronization application
• Automate sync and make sure that system is operational

Parsing the 30MB+ CSV (text) reports that contained unstructured data
Parsing consisted of:
• Finding appropriate sections which contain errors
• getting related transaction numbers
• Logging list of errors
• Locating responsible contacts.
• The final result is represented in structured Excel file with appropriate headings

Daily report generator/tracker
• Accepted 15 input reports
• 2 Numbers-entry info boxes
• Consolidated all information into easy-to-read sections
• Logged all consolidated data into Access database
• Backed up all daily files and stored them in the designated location
• Maintained 3 specific Excel reports and re-calculated daily values for current month during each run
• Generated automatic emails

1,000+ customers auto-email based on the Excel spreadsheet
• Connected to Database and generated Excel spreadsheet with customers based on specific filter
• Created Word template and linked it to Excel
• Generated personalized Word and pdf documents for each customer
• Created emails with greetings and pdf attachment
• Auto-sent emails, saved templates for future use
• Based on set of Word and Excel Macros; created addition pdf converter and auto-mailer

LotusNotes Attachments extractor
• Connected to LotusNotes account
• Scanned folders/views
• Saved detected attachments into designated folders

Excel workbooks merger / worksheets merger
• Allows to import multiple workbooks into one workbook
• Allows to combine multiple sheets into one sheet

Global Passwords database
• Master-password Locked network database
• Maintains list of users that can use it
• Maintains list of user password
• Maintains list of access rights (specifies which user group can access which user group passwords)
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Parsing specific excel reports
• Open files
• Group relevant information into categories
• Add final information into Access Database
• Produce Monthly report

Monthly report based on the SQL transaction data
• Connected to SQL server and obtained transactions reports
• Parsed 8 reports to generate approximately 600 values
• Opened the report, added new dates and all relevant data
• Added calculated data to the final Excel Report

Centralized Codes database
• Selects Weekly codes report
• Imports report into database
• Adds new records, skips duplicates

Testing Outputs vs. Templates Automation Comparison with Users, Tracking and Database
• Operated on the database
• Compared thousands of daily testing response files with expected 'templates'
• Generated database entry for the user and added running record
• Created new quick Excel report with required data
• Users with "reports view" access can view reports by user(s) or by run(s) within the specified timeframe

Internal database and Website synchronization, Google Maps locations mapping www.findatruck.biz
• Created local client that connected to database, generated feed every 10 minutes and uploaded the feed to the website using direct ftp connection; this resulted in close to real-time data availablity online, without exposing internal IT assets to public
• Created webpage that worked with the feed and displayed the list online
• Parsed feed and mapped all locations to map, using Google Maps API

Other data-parsing/storage/algorithmic manipulations

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